Wildlife Activities

Nature Walks and Trails Jungle safari
Frolic Boonies Residential Camp, Summer Residential Camp
Frolic Boonies Residential Camp, Summer Residential Camp
Fun: Slow guided walking in and around the campus Fun: Spotting Indian Guar, Spotted Deer, Sambar Deer, Elephants, Leopards, Porcupine, Mongoose, Fox, Dholes, Monitor Lizards, Langurs etc…
Learning: Notice plants, animal tracks, bird-watching Learning: Wild animal behavior and Wild-life tracking, Exposure to flora and fauna of Western Ghats
Check List: Bird-calls, Plant Identification, Butterfly Classification, Insect-Spying, Water Plants, Orchids. Safety: In association with forest department, expert guides. Jungle Safari in a secured Vehicle
Highlight: Awareness about nature, importance of nature, and ways of conserving Highlight: Jungle safari at Mudumalai / Bandipur.
Bird Watching Fresh Water Fish Identification
Fun: Build bird houses, bird bath set-ups, bird feeding stations make bird treats Fun: Fish catching in fresh water natural stream
Learning: Identification of various kinds of birds and bird calls, using binoculars to spot birds Learning: Identify fishes and their habitat to understand the interlinks of eco system .
Highlight: witness bird habitat and learn more about various bird activities Safety: Experts guide the camp students
 Wild Life Tracking Wildlife Handling
 Fun:  Get close to signs of wildlife, interpret trails, develop tracking ideas and predict wildlife activities. Fun: Seeing wildlife in close and protecting them








 Analyze signs, animal left behinds, scats, tracks, foot prints, hair, tree scratches, burrows, broken branches



complete activity is guided by wildlife experts and tracking guides


Learning: Learn methods to protect orpahaned or injured birds and animals first aid for wildlife and whom to approch in circumstances where wildlife requires professional care.
Nocturnal wildlife spotting Plant Identification
Fun: Observe nocturnal creatures from the watch tower or jeep rides Fun: Getting close to the diverse plant life of Western Ghats
Learning: Spot Owls, Bats, Crabs, Night jar, Porcupines, etc Learning: identification, uses, and how to use? of edible, medicinal, as well as poisonous plants.
Safety: complete activity is guided by trained naturalists    
Wilderness Survival skills including  
Fun: Building shelters in the woods, food finding and cooking techniques, making bamboo rafts, purify water, create friction fire, find wild food, and master a variety of wilderness crafts.    
Learning: First aid, Map Reading and Navigating, Identification of edible & poisonous plants, making use of available resources under harsh circumstances.    
Safety: complete activity is guided by experienced trainers